What is the main advantage of the IQRC system?

Cost savings involving heating costs. Usual savings are around 20 %. Of course this depends on many other factors. Savings range from 15 - 38 % based on previous IQRC installations.

For whom is the IQRC system intended?

The system was developed as an industrial solution for large buildings with irregular movements of people such as schools, hotels, offices, industrial buildings, etc. Of course the system will also work in a family house...

How big of a building can be equipped with the IQRC system?

Theoretically the system could be installed in any building with hot water heating and max. 660 individual devices on a single system...

What makes the system so useful?

The system facilitates the heating of rooms in an individual and independent manner - two rooms next to one another can have completely different time and temperature schedules... And this saves on heating costs.

How do I control the system?

The system is centrally controlled from the central control unit that contains the heating program for every individual zone or space. Changes are made using a PC and software or directly on the regulator, i.e. the thermostat. Of course remote access via the Internet is also an option - only a fixed IP address is needed.

How will the system make my work easier?

The IQRC system eliminates the human factor - almost no one manually lowers the temperature when leaving a room. This also provides users with a complete overview of temperatures in individual rooms, the current status of the system and more.

What is zone control?

Heating is controlled in every zone individually, which essentially means there is a separate heating program for each individual space that allows the system to configure set points for specific daily time segments with respect to the specific needs of the building's users.

What are the costs of delivering the system?

The system is delivered as a solution customized to the specific building and we issue a price quote for every building individually. Given the variability of individual buildings it is critical to precisely design building signal coverage while maintaining sufficient capacity and also resolving the control side of the system.

What is needed to prepare a quote?

Initially a building layout with a description of the use of individual spaces (classrooms, rooms, etc.) must be provided along with a depiction of the number of radiators in the individual rooms. The simplest way is to provide a fire evacuation plan and add the number of radiators in every room or space.

What exactly does "installation without major structural modifications" mean?

Simply compare the installation of our wireless system and hard-wired systems ... For an IQRC system, installation means preparing 230V for the regulators (a wire chase or groove in the wall and opening for a box) and the heating components - replacement of valves if they are not already thermostatic.

What does the IQRC system not resolve?

Our system "doesn't heat" if the heating water temperature is low or if pressure in the controlled system is poor.