Office and industrial buildings

kancelaria s IQRC zariadenim


Heating based on employee working hours

  • Temperature control in offices and other areas based on employee working hours
  • Monitoring current temperatures in the entire building
  • Centralized heating control using a PC and IQRC software. Remote access is also provided via the Internet.
  • Temperatures are set for offices, hallways and meeting rooms individually taking into consideration all applicable hygienic standards.
  • Office employees have the ability to temporarily change the centralized temperature set point using the regulator. The IQRC administrator retains control over allowing such changes and in what scope.

The wireless IQRC system provides the administrators of office and industrial buildings with the ability to control the temperature in offices and other areas based on working hours. The central heating control system facilitates the configuration of temperature set points for all rooms where IQRC elements are installed. For example, a set point of 22°C can be set for working hours with a separate 19°C set point for non-working hours, at night and over the weekends. The temperature set point can be configured for each space individually for different days of the week, different working periods, etc. The system also provides continuous monitoring of current temperatures in the entire building, including storing historical data.

Data on the measured temperature and set point for individual rooms are stored in the central control unit. The building administrator can obtain valuable information on heating efficiency by processing this collected data.